IV Therapy

The building foundation of NP Medical’s product portfolio is our time-proven inline check valve. With our inline check valves being used in over 50% of IV sets used today in the US, NP Medical understands infusion therapy. Our product portfolio has grown in conjunction with the needs of infusion therapy to keep patients and healthcare providers safe with needle-free technology. We’ve got your IV therapy needs covered from valves to needle-free access devices to filtration to accessory products.

While patient and caregiver safety is what drives us at NP Medical, we also recognize the cost burden that hospital acquired infections (HAI) puts on our healthcare system. The majority of hospitalized patients will have some type of vascular access device inserted to support their treatment and the design and quality of that needle-free access device plays a pivotal role in managing those infections.

NP Medical’s needle-free access devices feature a Self-Opening Split Septum (SOSS), which results in no abrasion to the sealed septum plane.1,2 This design feature in addition to our flat, smooth swabable surface promotes the reduction of bacterial ingress and colonization.1,2 Our latest device, the nPulse platform features neutral fluid displacement at both Luer connection or disconnection to helps reduce reflux-related occlusions and has the lowest measured displacement and blood reflux of market leading valves.3

At NP Medical we are InventIV, CollaboratIV and TransformatIV.



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