Needle-Free Access Devices

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Critical Care

NP Medical‘s deep understanding of infusion therapy and vascular access devices enable us to offer both Critical Care and Hospital Care level products. Patient safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we understand the patient-safety challenges healthcare providers are faced with in the ICU. We have 100% control over our US-based manufacturing operations and are able to offer unsurpassed quality control levels with our products.

At NP Medical we are InventIV, CollaboratIV and TransformatIV.



While design of devices for infusion therapy and vascular access are our focus, our products are also used in a variety of applications for oncology, urology, medical imaging and other unique applications. If you have a specialized need for fluid delivery, please contact us with your request and we will try our best to deliver a solution to you.

At NP Medical we are InventIV, CollaboratIV and TransformatIV.

IV Therapy

The building foundation of NP Medical’s product portfolio is our time-proven inline check valve. With our inline check valves being used in over 50% of IV sets used today in the US, NP Medical understands infusion therapy. Our product portfolio has grown in conjunction with the needs of infusion therapy to keep patients and healthcare providers safe with needle-free technology.

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