IV Filtration


Sterilizing grade filter for small volume IV applications with low priming and hold-up volume. Ideal for alternative site infusion, low-volume chemotherapeutics or antibiotic infusion and can be used with both gravity and pump feeds.


  • Low priming volume

  • High throughput 0.2μm sterilizing grade polyethersulfone(PES) membrane

  • 0.1μm PVDF hydrophobic vent membrane

  • Multiple microbore tubing configurations

  • Pressure rated to 45 psi (3.1 bar)

Ordering Information: 
Description Part Number Housing Material Filter Area Priming Volume (ml)
2.2mm OD TB IVNP22CGEIVV Cyrolite 0.29in2 (1.88cm2) <0.4
2.3mm OD TB IVNP23CGEIVV Cyrolite 0.29in2 (1.88cm2) <0.4
2.438mm OD TB IVNP24CGEIVV Cyrolite 0.29in2 (1.88cm2) <0.4
2.7mm OD TB IVNP27CGEIVV Cyrolite 0.29in2 (1.88cm2) <0.4
2.825mm OD TB IVNP28CGEIVV Cyrolite 0.29in2 (1.88cm2) <0.4

Standard packaging: bulk, non-sterile.

  TB – tube bond
OD – outer diameter