Needle-Free Access Devices

Access Ports

Our Access Ports are needle-free devices that can be welded into a wide range of configurations for applications such as urology and fluid drainage collection.


  • Self-opening split septum (SOSS) microbial protection barrier

  • Bi-directional flow

  • Lipid resistant

  • Low priming volume

  • Smooth actuation

  • Latex and DEHP free

  • Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.
Ordering Information: 
Inlet/Outlet Part Number Housing Material Avg. Opening (psi) Pressure (mbar) Priming Volume (ml)
FLL/MLL G700-SSG01SA PC - - 0.12

Select devices: sterile packaging available.

  FLL – female luer-lock
MLL – male-luer lock
PC – polycarbonate