Needle-Free Access Devices

Luer Activated Valves

Our Luer-Activated Valves (LAV) have a needle-free design featuring a closed silicone diaphragm that checks flow until mechanically opened with an ISO Luer device. The enhanced two-way design of our LAV is compatible with various drugs and blood products with its unique geometry allowing for infusion or aspiration. Our valve design incorporates a castellated actuator, which provides a flow pattern that allows for complete flushing of blood and other viscous drugs.


  • Bi-directional flow upon actuation

  • Lipid resistance

  • Low priming volume

  • Clear housing

  • 100% in-line tested

  • Back pressure rated to 45 psi (3.1 bar)

  • Latex and DEHP free

  • Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.
Ordering Information: 
Inlet/Outlet Part Number Housing Material Avg. Opening (psi) Pressure (mbar) Priming Volume (ml)
FLL/MLL 5N02-D300-SSM41G PC - - 0.14
FLL/WF 5N02-D200-SSM41G PC - - 0.19
FLL/T-style TP; ID 0.149"-0.163" (4mm) 5N02-C500-EEM45G COPE - - 0.30

Standard packaging: bulk, non-sterile.

  FLL – female luer-lock
MLL – male luer-lock
WF – weld fitment
TP – tubing port
ID – inner diameter
PC – polycarbonate
COPE – Co-polyester