Needle-Free Access Devices


  • N100-SSG8X
  • N400-SNG8X

The nSyte family of needle-free swabable connectors offers the quality and value necessary for the most common fluid management and IV clinical use cases. As NP Medical’s 5th generation needle-free platform, nSyte delivers the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect and know.


  • Robust, Flat, and Swabable Split Septum promotes easy and complete cleaning of the access site. The swabable split septum top also provides a microbial ingress barrier. 1 
  • Clear housing and silicone gland member facilitates visualization of the entire fluid path during priming and flushing.
  • Straight fluid path allows for complete flushing and unrestricted flow. 1
  • Solvent-free, permanently ultrasonically welded assembly to assure structural integrity of product and fluid containment.


  • Offered in multiple configurations to meet various clinical needs.



Ordering Information: 
Inlet/Outlet Part Number Housing Material Sterilization Pressure (psi) Priming Volume (ml)
FLL/MLL N100-SSG8X PC - 325 0.10
FLL/4.1MM Y-Site N400-SNG8X PC - 325 0.13

Standard packaging: bulk, non-sterile.

  FLL – female luer-lock
MLL – male luer-lock
TB – tube bond
TP – tubing port
ID – inner diameter
PC – polycarbonate
COPE – Co-polyester

1. Data on file at NP Medical.