The Future of Healthcare

Solution Development at NP Medical

The success of our product development is found in our extensive, ongoing consultation with IV nurses, infection control managers and caregivers to understand their needs, concerns and pain points.

For a future with improved patient outcomes and more efficient clinician workflows, resulting in lowering costs of care—healthcare providers are asking for solutions that:

  • Simplify vascular access site management
  • Reduce clinical variability
  • Eliminate avoidable complications
  • Measure key patient physiological and therapy parameters
  • Translate patient monitoring into insight for clinicians


How can we improve vascular access site management?

Getting patients home sooner, safer, and satisfied is often dependent on avoiding hospital errors and completing treatment in a lower acuity setting. We envision a future for infusion therapy where on-patient devices can actively monitor delivery of care, mitigate errors, free clinicians to operate at the top of their license, detect complications, and keep caregivers informed.

Precise, accurate delivery of medical therapies becomes ever more important with digital and home-based healthcare. NP Medical is working towards improving the future of care. Our product development group aims to deliver product solutions that will assist in reducing clinical variability and simplify securement at the vascular access site.

nCompass (under development) is being designed for ease of use with stable, secure, consistent vascular access site management.



How can we make vascular access more convenient and mobile?

Clinicians currently are tasked to assess a number of physiological and infusion therapy parameters, multiple times a day, for the many patients under their care. This monitoring requires time that can otherwise be spent tending to higher acuity patients or connecting a bit more with each patient. We don’t believe technology can substitute for great care, but do believe technology can be great for care.

We are exploring combining NP Medical’s vascular access site management systems with sensor packages to create an integrated wearable patch device. The patch would continuously monitor various physiological parameters and device function measurements to inform clinical decision making, monitor delivery of care, and help reduce avoidable complications.