Solutions for Caregivers

NP Medical’s vascular access site management devices and components are extensively used in infusion therapy and other fluid management applications. To address a variety of clinical needs, NP Medical offers packaged and sterilized devices including fully assembled extension sets incorporating our components.

NP Medical can offer multiple configurations, so please contact us to consult on extension sets that will best meet your clinical needs.

Featuring NP Medical valves, filters, and accessories, our products aim to help:

  • Standardize workflow
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk of infection


Completed, sterile, packages extension sets help caregivers work more efficiently and streamlines tasks involved in fluid management.

1. nPulse Needle-Free Connector Extension Set

1. nPulse Needle-Free Connector

2. nSyte Needle-Free Connector


Intravenous therapy helps deliver life sustaining medications and fluids to patients via continuous or intermittent infusion as well as bolus pushes. NP Medical’s products help ensure fluids and medications are safely and effectively delivered to the patient.

1. Inline Check Valves

2. nSyte Needle-Free Connector

3. Pressure Activated Valves


Vascular access is typically gained using peripheral venous catheters, central venous catheters, peripherally inserted central catheters, implantable ports, etc.

NP Medical’s line of swabable needle-free access valves provide effective microbial barriers to keep patients safe.

1. nPulse Needle-Free Connector

2. nSyte Needle-Free Connector


Low pressure power injectors are used to inject contrast media into a patient’s vasculature to enhance the differences between body tissues. NP Medical’s pressure activated valves and needle-free access devices are rated to meet the high-pressure requirements of this application.

1. Pressure Activated Valves

2. nPulse Needle-Free Connector

3. nSyte Needle-Free Connector


NP Medical can provide product solutions for OEMs to help shorten time to market, and streamline supply chains by shipping packaged, sterile devices directly to distribution sites helping reduce product costs. Please contact NP Medical to discuss your needs.